Your Copy Is Probably Killing Your Sales

If you are a small business or solopreneurer noticing that your sales have recently dropped off, or are currently dropping off,

You may want to take a look at your copy. It just might not be as strong and compelling as it should be.

Of course with every conversation I ever have with business people, the question usually comes up at some point – “What do you mean by Copy”?
By copy, I am referring to webpage content, social media posts, email newsletter content, YouTube video scripts, direct mail post cards or sales letters, and blog posts.
All of those examples contain copy that needs to do 3 things-

1- Catch Attention
2- Create Interest
3- Get your Reader, Listener, or Viewer to take a very easy to do, but very specific action

1- Catch Attention-
To catch a prospect or customer’s attention , sounds easier than it really is. Sure- you can catch someone’s attention with some ridiculous headline in a newsletter or YouTube video headline, but getting the person to read or watch completely relies solely on the content you are posting.

People with real life needs or problems aren’t going to get fooled into buying your product or service through a headline that reads- “Watch 100 Cute Kittens Chase A Remote Controlled Car in a Big Empty Field”

2- Create Interest-
Creating Interest is all about connecting with your audience where they live in the current moment.
What problem are they currently wrestling with? What is giving them heartburn in their business or personal life?

You must be able to articulate what they are dealing with. They must feel that you intimately know what it is that they are feeling, thinking, wishing and hoping.

Then and only then can you come in as the hero with your product or service, to help them solve the problem that they are fight with.

3- Get your Reader, Listener, or Viewer to take a very easy to do, but very specific action

Without showing your audience what it is that they need to do to be able to get the answer to the problem they are facing, nobody wins and all of your efforts are worthless.

You must provide them with the exact step they need to take to “get more info”, “Buy Now”, “Find Out More”, “Share With Your Friends” or whatever you need them to do.

Of course this is a very simple explanation of how good copy can help you get more customers and prospects to know who you are, and what you have to offer.

A mediocre product with good sales copy usually does better than a great product with horrible sales copy.

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