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Why Should You Ever Even Consider Using This Middle Aged, Cigar Smoking, 2 Finger Keyboard Pecking Freelancer To Create Your Website Content, Blog Posts, Email Marketing Campaign, Newsletter Updates, Social Media Posts Or Any Other Form Of Written Word Awesomeness?…

Dear Business Friend,

I’m gonna level with you. Your digital content needs some serious help and you know it.

Your website content is lacking life and Pizzaz and You Are Putting Your Prospects To Sleep or making them jump off of your site altogether with Olympic Runner- Record Breaking Speed.

I know you’re gonna think I’m just saying this to make you feel better, but it really isn’t your fault.

When you started your business and brought your life’s dream – into the material world of reality, you didn’t know you were going have to become an English Major just to attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back for more.

If you did, you would have paid better attention to Mr. Corbett talking about Participles, Contractions and Acronyms in English 2. Am I right?

Unfortunately, we are all writers and content creators now.

Wait!… What?…

You aren’t Creating Content on a Regular Basis?

Did You Know

Content Marketing Costs 62% Less on Average Than Traditional Marketing and Generates About 3 Times As Many Leads? (Source:Demand Metric)

– 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases. (Source:Search Engine Land, 2014) 

– 65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information. (Source:Google, 2015) 

Look my friend, I know you’re not here for me to bore you with a Ton of Statistics proving why it’s important to have good quality content on your website…

or the importance of producing some high quality interesting stuff on a regular basis to keep your customers coming back to find out what’s going on in your world, and inviting them back to buy. Hell, you probably already know it anyway. Am I right?

But then we still have those pesky little problems to deal with. You know the ones…

you don’t like creating content, and that there just isn’t enough time in the day to carve out for the mundane process of deciding what to post or write.

You see-

Just Because You May Not Be A Great Writer, Don’t Even Like It, and Definitely  Don’t Have The Time For It, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Still Do What You Love And Attract New Business At The Same Time-

With Incredible Website Copy, Captivating Blog Posts And Irresistible Email Offers.

That’s where I come In